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The hand made “No Greater Love Tear” glass tear will be unveiled at Honorfest!

No Greater love tear

The Hand made "No Greater Love Tear" glass tear will be unveiled at Honorfest!
from stop at the info table and ask about getting this beautiful hand made glass tears!

We also have been blessed to have a new poem written to match this beautiful gift!

"No Greater Love Tear"
by Randal S. Doaty

No greater love exists,

Than one’s self-sacrifice.

To wager all and risk your life,

To serve, and not think twice.

Extraordinary people -

Each challenge they may face.

A hero’s prize – to touch a life,

For this, they run their race.

A Mom who holds her baby,

Once lost, but now is found.

The next call not as fortunate,

Their screams - that awful sound.

How can we repay you -

The humble souls who serve?

Investing everything in us,

With heart and soul and nerve.

This teardrop we shall offer,

A modest gift we share.

The red and blue reflecting you,

The gold – how much we care.

Honor, thanks and heartfelt prayers,

We raise to God above.

And tearfully salute our brave,

Who share no greater love.

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