Thunder Outreach

Heavens’ Thunder leads “Faith and Family” Music at Pre-Relay for Life Event Weekend


Saturday/Sunday… June 2 & 3, 2012

Pre-Relay for Life Event Weekend

Church of the Good Sheppard

Boyertown, PA


Saturday, June 2, 2012: OBEDIENCE

Often times, when we are planning or gearing up for a special event, we have pre-conceived ideas of what WE would like to see happen. Whether it be hundreds of people showing up & rejoicing as they stretch out their hands & hearts in praise for our King… legitimate physical healing(s) that can only be attributed to our Creator, our faith in Him and His never-ending LOVE for us… or deep, heartfelt experiences & encounters with God that tear down the walls we have erected while simultaneously strengthening the foundation in our lives that He can continue to build His kingdom on. No matter what it is that WE envision, that WE pray for, that WE determine as being something God “should” do (as “GODLY” or “HOLY” as it may be) it’s still OUR notion, OUR desire, OUR mind’s conception… and that doesn’t always line up with His plan(s).


Yet when you are obedient to His voice… HIS calling… HIS moving, the end result is always better than what we could have written or scripted. Sometimes obedience is a “TEST”… Almost as if God himself says, “Let’s see how they react when this happens…” and we are faced with something we are so sure, so positive, so awfully certain is NOT what God would have designed that we begin to question ourselves, our motives, our desires. At that pivotal point we are faced with a decision to make; Do we pack it in? Call it quits? Go through the motions, as they say? Or do we stop… breathe deep & praise our Lord & Savior with all that we have?


Saturday night, June 2, 2012… We stopped. We breathed deep &we praised! Not for the handful of people who came out to support a kick-off event dedicated to the Boyertown Relay for Life but for the one who gave his life for us, Jesus Christ. Little did we know that our obedience and perseverance that evening in what appeared to our earthly eyes to be a  less than impressive evening was in fact laying ground work, tilling hard soil and charging the atmosphere for the next day’s harvest.



Sunday, June 3, 2012: SQUARE-1

For there to be an end result, there must be a first step. You can’t FINISH the race if you don’t START the race. This applies to pretty much everything in our lives, both good & bad, and so it was with Jesus & His ministry. Whether it is his teachings, his acts of love, or his miracles, if he is not OBEDIENT & does not take/make the first step in any of these, there cannot be a 2nd… a 3rd… and so on.


Not only did Mark speak about Jesus’ first miracle in his message this morning but he also shared the message of salvation and how you have to TAKE that first step in order to “confirm your reservation” in Heaven. He encouraged those in attendance to think back through their years of going to church & try to remember if they had ever made that commitment & accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Too often we think we are automatically “IN” just because we have been going to church for X-amount of years and have never been given the opportunity to “accept Him into our hearts”.


At the end of the service a young man, a local firefighter, and his wife came forward asking for Mark to lead him in prayer so that he too, just like his wife,  might become saved and be able to call Jesus his personal Savior!


Like the song says: “One lost. One found. One saved… Now they’re dancing in Heaven again!!!”

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