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Heaven's Thunder Music Ministries


" Heaven's Thunder "

Music that will lift your spirit and touch your soul

The " Heaven's Thunder " Music Ministries team of Thunder Outreach Music Ministries is just one of the ways that

Thunder Outreach is taking God's Love and Passion wherever they are called to reach out to.


With the power and heart of the Holy Spirit, we have been blessed with opportunities to sing, praise and intercede for churches,

indoor and outdoor events, outreaches, and 24 hour prayer and worship programs and large Praise and Worship services.

By incorporating members from various “Sunday Morning” worship teams throughout the southeastern region of Pennsylvania, Heaven’s Thunder has become a cross-pollination of true worshippers who seek the heart of God every time they go on stage. This blending of hearts and musical styles has helped Heaven’s Thunder to create its own unique sound and approach to deep, meaningful worship. Combining the talents, energy and heart of its members into one cohesive unit Heaven’s Thunder has been able to successfully minister in many different ways to many different people.

By abandoning the traditional “bus-stop” approach used in so many churches today, Heaven’s Thunder has become most noted for their “river” style events where they move with the flow of God & allow His spirit to dictate both the direction and the outcome of the service/event. Their unique ability to transition from one song into the next as well as their spontaneous, God-breathed, “on the fly” changes to familiar songs make a “river” event exactly what it sounds like… A THRILL RIDE!!!

From high-energy, rock-inspired songs that make you want to get up and dance to the softer, deeper love-songs that draw you into the presence of God, their blend of well-known contemporary worship songs coupled with their original material makes the experience that much more fulfilling to the worshipper in all of us.

Their ability to sense God’s movement while leading worship has blossomed into numerous “free worship” and “prophetic” songs that not only captivate the crowd but touch them to the point where they worship so freely and with such passion and familiarity that they feel as if they have known the song their whole life.

What started out as a group of friends jamming in a basement and hoping to play a few songs at local churches every so often has evolved into a group now headlining larger events from community day/block parties, to Christian Biker Rallies to small 3 and 4 day revival services. In the summer of 2010 Heaven’s Thunder was blessed to work hand-in-hand with Barry Perez from Harvestime Ministries by leading worship at the “Arise Revival” events held throughout the Perkiomen Valley over a 3 month stretch.

The Bible states we may not always know God’s plan for us. Moving forward into 2011, Heaven’s Thunder knows God has a plan for them, whatever it is, and we hope that plan includes you!

Music and worship is a great way to open a path for our spirits and souls to be blessed by God's love and power. It is a river of spirit, emotion, compassion, and freedom that carries the heart of the Holy spirit to God's people. Reaching out to people and asking God to intercede in our lives open up the heavens and the door to His glory for our lives, families, communities, region, and nation.

Heaven's Thunder Music Ministries team members are worship leaders from many area and regional programs. They have been called to work together to spread God's love and to lead us into worship as we reach out to His people!

For more information or to schedule us for an event email us at HeavensThunder@thunderoutreach.com.

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