66th Boyertown “Citizen of the Year” Winner is Lindsey Mason!

Lindsey has a Masters Degree in Library Science, that being said, there is one word that Lindsey does not have in her vocabulary; that would be “NO!”. When one thinks of Lindsey, two things come to mind ‐ first, she is always upbeat, positive, and smiling. Next, Lindsey seems to be involved in a little bit of everything around this wonderful town of Boyertown! Lindsey has been involved in her community for a very long time. When she was in 7th grade as a Girl Scout, she was a member of the Berks County Museum Patrol. For four years, she and dozens of other Girl Scout teenagers volunteered to provide overnights at the Reading Museum for Brownie Girl Scouts. That group of volunteers was called the “Green Shirts. ”Lindsey went to West Chester University and received her degree in Elementary Education.After college, she joined the Board of Christian Endeavor, located in Gilbertsville, where she planned and executed many mission trips and was active in her church. She then went back to college to get her Master’s Degree. Soon after she received her Master’s degree, she became the Director of the Boyertown Community Library. After three years as the Director, she felt she wanted more interaction with children, so she decided to take a job as Head Librarian in the Reading School. Her heart still being with the Boyertown Library, she decided to join the Board of Directors; ultimately becoming the President. Lindsey was instrumental in the formation of the Library Fundraising Committee known as the Page Turners, of which she has been the Chairperson since its inception. Since the committee was formed, they have raised over $13,000 towards library programs through the “Winter Wine Down” wine tasting event and “Par in the Park” disc golf tournament.Last summer when tragedy struck, Lindsey once again took on another community project in memory of Pam Snyder, Preston Dray, and Pam’s unborn daughter after they passed away in a flash flood. The result was “Preston’s Pantry”, a record setting food drive that helped the family and our community to respond by giving and loving. Lindsey played and continues to play an instrumental role in making “Preston’s Pantry” successful. The Boyertown community can be very proud of this project.In addition to all this, Lindsey participates on a Relay for Life team and she is also a loving wife to Corey and a stepmother to four sons.One quote from a selection of the Nominations submitted sums up Lindsey very well: “Even if her life is sometimes chaotic as an elementary school librarian, wife, stepmother and daughter. Lindsey has the biggest heart, and she NEVER hesitates to share her love, time and talents with the people who mean so much to her.”

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