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The 2020 “Citizens of the Year” program winners are!

“Citizen of the Year” is Lindsey Mason !

“Mentor of the Year:” is Ursula Gamler

“First Responder of the Year” is Amy L Guildin

“Senior of the Year” is Mariellen Kehler !

“Special Recognition Award” to Preston’s Pantry Project

Thank you for all the great people you have sent to us.

2021 nominations start Sept 2020,
Would you like to recommend a great Citizen, First Responder, Student or Mentor who has done so much to touch lives in our area for the  ” 2021 Citizen of the Year” program?

Fill out the form below with your nomination and a short story why we should consider this person or you go to our Facebook page by clicking here and contact us to recommend this special person by Feb. 15, 2021 

Nominate the 2021 Citizen of the Year (Starting in Sept 2020)

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Past Winners Include:

The 2020 "Citizens of the Year" program winners are! "Citizen of the Year" is Lindsey Mason ! "Mentor of the
Boyertown’s 60th Citizen of the Year award recipient has been announced.Shawn Barndt, Executive Director for Chestnut Knoll, has been nominated
“We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill uttered
For years, Mark Malizzi has given his time and talents to the Boyertown community, operating in the background, never one
When paging through the dozens of nomination forms for Paul Willman as the 2017 Boyertown Area Citizen of the Year,