Thunder Outreach helps take a BITE out of CRIME!

Hello again Mark,

Attached are some photos of our new K9 officer Kedra who you helped raise the money for and his handler Officer Conrad.  Kedra arrived from Holland in August of 2019 and after training @ Progressive K9 Academy, they were on the job in November of 2019. 

A little bio on Kedra:

Kedra is a 3 year old Belgium Malinois from Holland who holds a title in the Royal Dutch Police Dog sport KNPV. Earning a title in KNPV can take years of hard training and preparation. After arriving in the US, Kedra attended another two months of training with Officer Conrad at Progressive K9 Academy. Throughout his training, Kedra was certified on patrol and detection. Kedra can be utilized to locate the odors of narcotics and people along with excelling in his obedience apprehension work. We are happy to have Kedra as part of our department and wish him a successful career. 

If there is anything else we can do for you, please let me know.

Thanks again for all your help,


Ann M. Gery
Police Office Manager
North Coventry Township Police Department
845 S. Hanover Street     
Pottstown, PA  19465

P: 610-323-8360, F: 610-326-2925

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