Thunder Outreach helps take a BITE out of CRIME!

Hello again Mark,

Attached are some photos of our new K9 officer Kedra who you helped raise the money for and his handler Officer Conrad.  Kedra arrived from Holland in August of 2019 and after training @ Progressive K9 Academy, they were on the job in November of 2019. 

A little bio on Kedra:

Kedra is a 3 year old Belgium Malinois from Holland who holds a title in the Royal Dutch Police Dog sport KNPV. Earning a title in KNPV can take years of hard training and preparation. After arriving in the US, Kedra attended another two months of training with Officer Conrad at Progressive K9 Academy. Throughout his training, Kedra was certified on patrol and detection. Kedra can be utilized to locate the odors of narcotics and people along with excelling in his obedience apprehension work. We are happy to have Kedra as part of our department and wish him a successful career. 

If there is anything else we can do for you, please let me know.

Thanks again for all your help,


Ann M. Gery
Police Office Manager
North Coventry Township Police Department
845 S. Hanover Street     
Pottstown, PA  19465

P: 610-323-8360, F: 610-326-2925

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2020 Boyertown “Citizens of the Year” program winners

The 2020 “Citizens of the Year” program winners are!

“Citizen of the Year” is Lindsey Mason !

“Mentor of the Year:” is Ursula Gamler

“First Responder of the Year” is Amy L Guildin

“Senior of the Year” is Mariellen Kehler !

“Special Recognition Award” to Preston’s Pantry Project

North Coventry PD Support letter for K9 Fundraiser

Thunder of Police Paws!!!!

We would like to invite you to join us this month to raise $20k and help take a Bite out of Crime!
We all know how Awesome K9 Police Dogs are and how they can save lives!

We are proud and excited to join with North Coventry Police Dept to buy, train and equip our next area K9 Police dog!

Our Goal is to raise $20,000 to cover all costs so that we can have this team focus on
buying the K9, training, equipment and getting the K9 ready to Protect and Serve our community!

Are you ready to join us

Here are the donation links to be a Gold, Silver or Bronze support!

Thunder Outreach events donate to Boyertown Area Multi Service a check for $3530.00

In the Spirit and Season of Giving and as a way to help support our area Veterans this winter,
Chaplain Mark Malizzi, Director of Thunder Outreach Ministries (Faith Based Community Charity programs) presented Steven K. McEwan – Executive Director of Boyertown Area Multi Service programs, a check for $3530.00 towards a special fund set up to help local veterans with food and humanitarian needs in our region.
This money was raised with the help of local charities and businesses working together including American Legion Post 471, Thunder Outreach, Boyertown Salvation Army, State Theatre of Boyertown and the Boyertown Area Multi-Service working together with many local businesses in November to host a Veterans Basket raffle and a live Veterans Concert with High Energy Faith and Family music from Heaven’s Thunder Band.
This is just one of the many events that Thunder Outreach has hosted and helped organize over the years in the region to help local families and charities in need.

$250 Action team support

We would like to Thank Matthew Robb and the great programs at Thrivent for their Donation of over $250 towards our events ! Great people and Great Progams !!

Call Matt to set up a time to talk about your family needs ! He just sat down with us and we are planning our future together!

Boyertown American Legion as Event Sponsor

We would like to thank the great people at the Boyertown American Legion for being the major event sponsor for this 2018 Veteran’s Events

Heaven’s Thunder Band at Rise 2018 at Morgantown Community Church

Listening to my friend Mark Malizzi and Heaven’s Thunder Band “Rocking the House” at Rise 2018 at Morgantown Community Church.

Kudos to Joe Barszowski for putting this together. If you’re anywhere near Morgantown come on over. There’s 3 or 4 more bands till around 10pm.

Heaven’s Thunder Band bringing the Holy Spirt power to the Car show and church event weekend

Good morning and Blessings to everyone from New Hanover UMC !!

Here is a clip of Heaven’s Thunder Band having some fun and leading us in one of the great new songs performed at NHUMC recently call “I Will Rejoice” written by Guyon Detweiler.

We pray that once you hear it your soul will rejoice!

Click on the picture!



Helping Local Veteran’s in need

Veterans need our support!
As a US ARMY Veteran and networking with the Boyertown American Legion Post 471 and other area programs we are excited to be a part of helping local Veterans in need this fall.

Our Benefit Concert “For God and Country” will do more than talk about helping local Vets as we plan to try to raise over $5000 this year to be put in a local Boyertown PA. Veteran’s Fund with the help of the Boyertown Multi-Services programs.   You can buy tickets to the event for $20 , or you can make a $50 or $100 donation on line on this website!

We invite you to be a part of putting the troops on the ground and making this need conquered !

Thank you and God Bless!