$250 Action team support

We would like to Thank Matthew Robb and the great programs at Thrivent for their Donation of over $250 towards our events ! Great people and Great Progams !!

Call Matt to set up a time to talk about your family needs ! He just sat down with us and we are planning our future together!

2 Great Prize packages from Colebrookdale RR

ALL ABOARD !!   We will have two great prizes for you to win from our friends at the Colebrookdale Rail Road

Prize package #1 is a ride on the front of the train with the engineer!  Get to know all about running this engine and some much more!

Prize package #2 is coach tickets to enjoy a day on the train and take a beautiful ride on the rails!

Passmore Serve Center -Hand Held Blower


Just in time for Fall clean up you can have a chance to win this great prize from our friends at Passmore Service Center on rt 100!