Heaven’s Thunder Band takes 1st place in Battle of the Bands

We are so blessed and excited to announce that Heaven’s Thunder Band took 1st place in the Battle of the Bands!!!

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Now that the shock has worn off from being voted the winner of the Battle of the Christian Contemporary Bands hosted by Conshohocken United Methodist Church & Jillian’s Café… All we can say is “Wow!”

What a joy it was to be a part of an event that reached people on so many different levels! We saw people dancing, clapping, rejoicing and even praying for one another all while helping raise $ for the CUMC youth group’s missions trip to WV later this year! What an inspiration to see the youth of today, affecting our world of tomorrow! We will ALL be praying for you as you “go out into the world to spread His LOVE!!!” Have a GREAT and BLESSED trip!

We would also like to thank ALL of the great people @ Jillian’s Cafe and CUMC for opening their doors to us & all of the bands for their Battle of the Christian Contemporary Bands! So blessed & honored to be in the company of some great bands & wonderful people!

We want to give all the glory & praise to God for what HE is doing in & through the Heaven’s Thunder Band as well as the other bands that shared the stage & accepted us with arms wide open! AMEN!

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