First Responder Appreciation Events Endorsed by Berks County Commissioners

Berks County Commissioners Christian Y. Leinbach and Kevin S. Barnhardt, acknowledge and support Thunder Outreach’s efforts to promote goodwill and appreciation for Berks County First Responders…..

As you know, all across Berks County, every day, brave and dedicated men and women serve our communities through our Police, Fire and Emergency Departments and other First Responders, without ever asking for a thank you.

As Berks County Commissioners, we encourage the commitment and caring of programs like Thunder Outreach, for helping organize appreciation events that publicly thank our First Responders.

We would like to encourage all communities, schools, public programs and citizens of Berks County to support and embrace the 2014 First Responders Appreciation Events and Programs hosted by Thunder Outreach.


Berks County Board of Commissioners
Christian Y. Leinbach
Kevin S. Barnhardt